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I’m a Seattle-based recording engineer, mixer and producer. Interested in doing a project together? I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email from my contact page or you can email me directly at recording (@)

Here’s a selection of some of my recent work —

Okay, more backstory: I’ve been mixing, engineering and producing for about 3 years professionally, and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to work with singer-songwriters, rock bands, spoken word artists, electronic musicians, classical pianists, and film-makers. I love working with artists to create intimate, honest productions, where the subtlety and artistry of live performance is never lost. My 2 main goals are: helping musicians develop and achieve the sound they’re looking for (vs producers who force their vision or style on a project), and creating a super comfortable fun environment where creativity can flow.

I work out of a number of different spaces and studios (including my home project studio, 1 Shot studios up in Woodinville, London Bridge Studio, and a couple more) so there’s lots of options when it comes to budget, ambiance and technical capabilities. Oh, and my studio can be mobile as well, so if there’s a space you really like, I can bring equipment and sound treatment and we can work there too : )

Let’s make some beautiful art together!